Minister Lake pleased with outcome of GEBE Employee General Assembly

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake was very pleased with the turnout and outcome of the GEBE employee General Assembly that was organized by GEBE to inform the employees about the share transfer and the strategic future development of the company. 

Minister Lake has been meeting with all stakeholders within GEBE such as management, shareholder foundation and the employee representative organizations such as ASEWI (Association of Staff Employees) and WIFOL (Windward Islands Federation of Labour).

The GEBE General Assembly took place on August 1. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) Romelio Maduro gave a presentation about the strategic plan that outlines the future of the company. Employees had the opportunity to ask questions to the COO and Minister responsible for Utility Affairs Hon. Maurice Lake.

The general presentation on the share transfer that is scheduled to take place on December 5, 2013 was given by Kamla Besanson of Van Eps Kunneman and Van Doorne and the part related to the employees of the company was given by Joeri Essed. After this presentation, employees once again had an opportunity to ask questions.

"There were many misconceptions regarding the future of GEBE after the transfer and regarding job security of the workers. I am very pleased that this General Assembly took place in order to clear-up any misconceptions the employees may have had.

"The employees were assured that for the St. Maarten workers there would be no change after the share transfer is affected on January 1, 2014. Also, there is no intention from Government to sell NV GEBE after the transfer.

"Communication is the key, and I am elated that the people that keep the generators running and the lights on, who I consider the heart of the company have had the opportunity to get clear answers to questions and concerns that they may have had. It’s all about back to basics, and it’s all about the people," Minister Maurice Lake said on Monday.

Minister Lake pointed out that he was very disappointed that nothing was done on the side of Sint Maarten for a 12-month period with respect to GEBE transfer.

"The country lost 12-months without anything being done by the previous administration. I am pleased to inform the people of this country that everything is being facilitated to complete the transfer process of GEBE where the Dutch public entities will establish their own utility companies by December 5, and GEBE Sint Maarten will be solely a company belonging 100 per cent to the people of this country," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake pointed out on Monday.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Third from left, Minister Maurice Lake listening attentively to the presentation at the GEBE General Assembly held last week.