UVC Wins Battle of the Sexes

It took five sets, but the United Volleyball Club boys were able to avenge their loss three years ago to the Colorado Tigers in their friendly "Battle of the Sexes" exchange on Saturday. The games were part of the UVC’s fundraising weekend tournament that featured the Colorado College women team as the highlight.


The Colorado women had scheduled the trip to the St. Martin as part of the school’s training program in the Caribbean, which takes place every three years, and contacted the UVC again to see how the two organizations could collaborate. The collaboration involved three days of volleyball games, training, and community service, where Colorado and UVC painted classrooms at the Prince Willem Alexander School.

This week, the Colorado delegation will continue their Caribbean tour in St. Kitts while 21 members of the UVC will be attending a training camp in Florida at the Orlando Volleyball Academy. The UVC youngsters say they are really looking forward to the Orlando experience and have pledged to take in as much as possible.

The United Volleyball Club extends gratitude to the Colorado College team and all the other persons and businesses that have contributed to their fundraising efforts. Upon returning to the island, the United Volleyball Foundation will be starting up the United Academy program, with a balanced focus on sports and academic development, directed by Dr. Rhoda Arrindell.