President Arrindell meets with Minister of Education Lourens

President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell in her process to update members of the Council of Ministers and to also orientate herself with the new ministers who were sworn in several weeks ago, last Friday met with Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports (Ministry ECYS) Hon. Patricia Lourens.  

Minister Lourens briefed President Arrindell about the current state of affairs within the Ministry and about what are some of her priorities based on an action plan that the Minister has drafted and of which a copy was provided to President Arrindell on Friday morning. The action plan will also be a guide for the 2014 budget from the perspective of the Ministry ECYS.

Minister Lourens also briefed the President of Parliament about her long-term vision for the Ministry.

Other issues discussed is the continuing improvement for special needs education; capacity building within the Ministry; performance standards; a manual on processes and procedures when dealing with internal and external publics.

President Arrindell informed the Minister that there aren’t any pending parliamentary meetings related to Ministry ECYS.

The President did discuss the United Nations UNICEF report about the state of affairs regarding young people of the country, and it was decided that the Minister will come to the House of Parliament to address the UNICEF report in a Central Committee meeting that is tenatively planned for the first week of September.

Other points discussed is a NFL project for the country’s youths; reading as a subject in schools; violence in schools; and art displays.

Minister Lourens apprised President Arrindell about the student tracking system and parent platform; as well as the safe schools program which will be coordinated by student support services

At the end of the meeting, President Arrindell and Minister Lourens went on a brief tour to look at potential locations for public art displays.

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R: President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell receiving the action plan presented by Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Hon. Patricia Lourens.