Minister Lake Executes Additional Road Repair Action Plan

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake has executed an additional road repair action plan after a survey was carried out on the public road network as well as secondary roads. 

Pedestrian crossings and speed bumps in the vicinity of schools will be painted or repainted.

Pot holes and other road repairs in the vicinity of public schools are slated to be completed before the new school year opens. Road repairs will be carried out in the vicinity of Sister Marie Laurence School, MAC School Betty’s Estate, and Ruby Labega School.

The following roads which have pot holes are on the repair list: Walter Nisbeth Road; Cannegieter Street; Bush Road; Arch Road; Long Wall Road; Zagersgut Road; A.Th. Illidge Road; Hulda B. Richardson Street; Oyster Pond Road; A.J.C. Brouwer Road; Well Road; Welfare Road; Sister Modesta Road; Airport Road; Patientia Road; Blue Berry Road; and Rhine Road.

"The road repairs will be done in the quickest time possible in order to ensure the safety and security of pedestrians and motorists.

"This is what it’s all about, the getting back to basics approach and the quality of life of our people. Drivers avoiding pot holes can endanger other road users and we have to ensure that our road network is in order," Minister Maurice Lake said on Thursday.