Minister Lake addressing water storage needs of the districts

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake said in order to ensure the long-term water supply to several residential districts, initiated a meeting between the GEBE Distribution Department and several land owners which took place on Thursday. 

"There are a couple of things that have to be looked at and considered. Residents have been complaining about the lack of water pressure.

"Another angle is for the various districts to have a Water Supply Storage Tank, and this resolves the water pressure issues that households experience while at the same time ensuring that a district has a sufficient amount of potable water for a certain period of time in the event of a water plant breakdown.

"You have to plan ahead. If you do not, you plan to fail, and I won’t be failing the people of this country. I am working to ensure that strategic decisions and agreements are made now in order to further improve the quality of life of our people, and this entails looking five to 10-years down the road. It’s all about going back to basics," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday.

Water storage tanks need to be constructed in various areas: Mount Willem Hill, Bethlehem, Rice Hill (to feed lines to Marigot Hill, Guavaberry Road and Coco Plum Road in St. Peters).

The owners of land that were represented at the meeting were from the Bryson family, Plantz, Meyers and Sommersal.

GEBE will need between 1500 to 2000 square meters of property in order to construct water storage tanks in the aforementioned strategic areas.

"I have spoken to many residents. I have listened to their concerns, and I am addressing them one by one. Our country is growing and we have to look at the next generation and preparing for them.

"GEBE would like to obtain property for the storage tanks in the different districts is a win-win for everybody, for the residents, land owners and GEBE.

"Our utility company will be following up with the property owners in two weeks to come to a win-win agreement in order to better serve the people of our country," Minister Lake pointed out.

The Distribution Department team of GEBE is also putting transformer houses in strategic locations in the residential districts of Middle Region, Madame Estate, Dutch Quarter and other areas.

"GEBE staff is also addressing the water leak issues in the various districts. Water is a precious commodity which should not be wasted and this matter must be addressed in a comprehensive manner with long-term results," Minister Maurice Lake concluded.

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R, Landowners, GEBE (center foreground), and Minister Maurice Lake and members of his Cabinet. DCOMM Photo