The CBS asks the Dutch Caribbean inhabitants to cooperate with the Budget Survey 2013

The Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek/Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) is fully engaged in carrying out the Budget Survey 2013 on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. This budget survey is an indispensible source of data on spending, the CBS uses for producing among others inflation figures. Many businesses and institutes use these inflation figures to index salaries of employees.

The survey is still not finished. The upcoming weeks CBS employees will continue approaching the selected families/persons. We appeal to these families/persons to cooperate with the survey. For the representative aspect and the reliability of the data it is very essential that the selected families/persons participate. In a way each family/person represents many other inhabitants of the island. Based on the collected data we can produce statements on the spending of the inhabitants of the islands.

By means of this release we once more want to thank all the families and persons who have cooperated. The CBS also thanks in advance all the families/persons who are willing to cooperate in the coming weeks.

As usual the privacy of the families willing to cooperate in this survey will be fully guaranteed.