Minister Lake comes thru on agreements with Middle Region residents; Boundary walls under constructi

The Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday, a promise made is a promise fulfilled. 

"For a period of 12 months nothing was done in this community. My back to basics approach is all about getting things done and taking care of our communities and continuing to improve the quality of life in these areas," Minister of VROMI Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday.

The neighborhood improvement project for the district of Middle Region began in 2010, under the leadership of former Minister of VROMI, Theo Heyliger. An amount of 5.3 million Euros was invested in Middle Region with the upgrading of the main road, construction of a new sewage line, upgrading of the drainage system, a new concrete road and the placement of all overhead cables underground. The majority of the physical works was completed mid-2012.

However during the construction phase of the project it was requested by the Middle Region Community Council and concerned residents to enlarge the width of the road from the original contract of 5 meters to 5.5 meters, to ensure a safer movement of traffic from school busses to heavy equipment moving thru the neighborhood.

Minister Lake indicates that back then they were aware of the challenges ahead, which meant that consultation and the cooperation of the landowners residing alongside the main road would be a long and tedious process. With considerable efforts all 72 landowners involved granted their permission to use their land/property for the widening of the road, and also for the implementation of sidewalks alongside the main road.

Minister Lake further indicated that the 72 residents back then agreed under the condition that Government lives up to its part of the deal.

On the basis of trust and a good relationship between the then Minister of VROMI, Theo Heyliger and the 72 residents of Middle Region, an agreement was signed in May of 2012 ensuring them that their adjusted boundary walls will be re-constructed by Government.

The project Middle Region Boundary Walls East and Boundary Walls West was established to ensure the realization of the reconstruction of the walls and fences that were demolished during the placement of the sidewalks and enlargement of the road.

Minister Lake indicated that the execution of the works on the West side of Middle Region is presently underway by small local contractors, and the East side has recently been placed on public tender.

Minister of VROMI Maurice Lake is extending an open invitation to all small local contractors to participate in the bidding process for the East Side. The tender documents are ready to be picked up at the Ministry of VROMI for all interested contractors. 

The information meeting is scheduled for August 1st 2013, and the tender date is August 22nd 2013.

The execution of the works for West side, presently in execution is expected to be completed in September 2013. The East Side, once commissioned is expected to be completed by the end of the year latest the beginning of January 2014.

These works were sub-dived in two phases to minimize the disturbance of the day to day living of the residence in the neighborhood of Middle Region.

PHOTO CUTLINE: One of the completed boundary walls.