St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation Partners with Various Organizations to Clean Districts

Nature Foundation, G.I.F.T.E.D, iDad Foundation and InSync Youths Chip in to Ensure Clean Living Environment

The St. Maarten Housing development Foundation (SMHDF) in collaboration with G.I.F.T.E.D, iDad, Insync Youth Foundation and the St. Maarten Nature Foundation will be conducting a two day district cleanup on the 27th and 28th of July in various districts of St. Maarten starting at six in the morning. The two day clean-up, specifically geared towards clients of the SMHDF, will allow residents of Belvedere, Union Farm, The Keys, Foga Estate, Hope Estate, South Reward and Colebay to clean-up their surroundings and get rid of unwanted household trash. Items such as domestic trash, unwanted and abandoned vehicles, tree branches and unused household items will be collected.

Residents are urged to come out and pitch in to clean their various districts especially considering that we are in the middle of the Hurricane Season and debris can be very dangerous during a storm. It is also important for residents to live in a clean and positive environment contributing to the well-being of the districts in general.

The meeting places for the cleanups in the various districts are the Basketball Court in Belvedere, the open lot by Panama Road at Union Farm, the entrance to the homes at the Keys, the entrance to Pendant Cactus Roads at Foga Estate, the Entrance to Hope Estate and Milton Peters College at South Reward. Volunteers from the SMHDF, the Nature Foundation, iDad, G.I.F.T.E.D, and Insync Youth Foundation will all be attending the cleanup. The Ministry VROMI will also assist were it is needed.

This clean-up event will be followed by numerous other clean-ups geared towards making the districts clean and environmentally friendly. The SMHDF is again urging all residents to pitch in and clean their various districts.