2013 Summer Basketball League Final Results


The 2013 Summer Basketball League Tournament came to a close on Friday, 19th July 2013 at the L. B. Scott Sports Auditorium where in The B-Class/Juniors the Grand Case Scorpions went up against the Down Street Clippers.


The Grand Case entered as the 2012 defending champions of the B-Class, and the Grand case Scorpions won the Championship in a Repeat by a Score of 56 -48
The Most Valuable Player for the B-Class/Juniors Tournament is Jonathon Philips from the Scorpions team.
In the A-Class/Seniors Division the Sucker Garden Kings went up against the Marigot Warriors.
The Sucker Garden kings also repeat and became Champions again by a score of 65 – 72.
The Most Valuable Player for the A-Class/Seniors Tournament is Steve Nacasia from the Sucker Garden Kings team.

Before the 2 Championship game we had a Female Basketball game and a Veterans game.
The Females : The Grand case Girl Thunders Basketball Club went up against the Lightning Girls Basketball Club.
The Thunders Girls won the game by a score of 17 – 27.
Veterans : The Bad Boyz went up against the Yellow Tales
The Bad Boyz won the game by a score of 24 – 23