Prime Minister Wescot-Williams Reacts Strongly Against False reports and Allegations

"Politically Motivated Lies And Allegations Serve No Purpose but to Tarnish the Name of St. Maarten"

During her weekly radio program One on One with the Prime Minister the Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams called for an end to tarnishing the name of Country St. Maarten for political reasons. During the radio program the Prime Minister referred to various erroneous reports and false information that has been circulating in the community lately and appealed for responsible behavior with regards to ethical reporting.

"There are some people on St. Maarten who would prefer to see the name of St. Maarten blemished rather than just deal with the truth and the facts. We should not tarnish the name of St. Maarten for political reasons and it is unfortunate to see that blatantly untrue reports circulating in especially online websites. Of course it is the truth that will prevail and clearly it will show that these types of reports are not based on fact, specifically regarding the statement of the VDSM.

"Again I don’t know if these persons have nothing better to do on St. Maarten than thrive on this type of information. We have to counteract these issues and question the so-called sources or highly placed sources as irresponsible, hiding behind anonymity to further political gain and tarnishing the image of our Country.

"There are some people on St. Maarten who would prefer to see the name of St. Maarten blemished rather than deal with the truth and the facts. First of all a matter like the National Security Service should not be politicized. Clearly, if you look at some of the damaging reports there are political orchestrated it is a pity that persons would let themselves be used for political reasons and I have a serious issue with that. As Prime Minister I have come to accept the fact that in the office that I occupy they will say the craziest things about me as a person and about my function and I accept that as part of the territory. However I have issue with the way my Country is being tarnished.

The online report regarding the National Security Service is quite unfortunate and blatantly untrue. When these type of issues come around you can do one of two things: you can let it be because the truth will always prevail and will show that these types of reports were totally malicious. However these reports do remain in cyberspace involving innocent persons and there should be a way to counteract them.

"It does not serve any purpose to throw anyone under the bus. These false allegations do affect and do hurt. Why? Because as a St. Maartener I believe we should take issue with the malicious manipulating of the truth for political gain and persons letting themselves be used for political reasons not realizing the damage they are causing to our Country.

Additionally the National Security Service is not the Prosecutors Office; that is not their purpose. It cannot prosecute or investigate a particular person. Yet false information is being put out there regarding an investigation and the Government Building and this is indeed quite unfortunate. Where are we going as a country if we allow this to happen unchallenged?

People should see how for merely political reasons they are using lies to bring this country into discredit, hiding behind anonymity. It cannot be that false things are being said about people in our community, especially a small community like ours, and these things are unsubstantiated and untrue. We need to realize as St. Maarten that we are a part of the wider world. And in today’s modern world whatever we do and say here locally go all over the world. These things live a life of its own and things are very negatively effected. It is the people of St. Maarten that need to realize the damage they are doing to this country," concluded the Prime Minister