Prime Minister Receives Courtesy Call From Mohican Scouting Group Prior to Trip to Suriname

Presents Scouts with Token to Present to Suriname Leader Desi Bouterse

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams received a courtesy visit by the Mohican Scouting Group of St. Maarten and its leaders prior to them traveling to Suriname on a group visit. The Scouting group will also be meeting with the President of Suriname Desi Bouterse and thus the Prime Minister presented a tile painted by renowned local artist Ruby Bute to be presented to the President by the Scouts.


"I would like to welcome the scout leaders of the Mohican Scout Group as well as the Mohican Scouts themselves here today at the A.C Wathey Legislative Hall because they are indeed embarking on a significant trip. Not only will the scouts be travelling to Suriname as part of their usual annual visit abroad, but they will also be paying a courtesy visit to the president of Suriname Mr. Bouterse and so I am truly honored by the fact that before they leave on Thursday they decided to pay a Courtesy visit to the Prime Minister of St. Maarten," commented the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also expressed how beautiful the scouts looked in their uniform and in particular their showcasing of he national colors and flag of St. Maarten. "I want to tell you that you look beautiful in your uniforms, especially in the colors of St. Maarten, and I want you to during this trip to be extremely proud of yourselves as scouts, your island’s colors and your island’s flag. I look forward to heating about your visit to Suriname. As a small token of our appreciation of the Scouts to Suriname I present Scout Leaders Mrs. Richards with this small presentation of a tile painted by local Artist Ruby Bute as you pass it to the Government representatives of Suriname," concluded the Prime Minister.