Labour Women mounts pressure for Harris and Condor to resign seats


Over 120 women representing the eight constituencies in St. Kitts have called on two recent defectors from the leadership of the governing St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) to resign.

At a meeting of representatives of Labour Women at Masses House Tuesday night, the women signed a petition calling on Harris and Condor to resign "for the despicable act of crossing the floor and using their position gained on as Labour Party candidates to seek to undermine the Labour Government."

Women spoke passionately about the resignation of the men from Parliament and the need for a bye-election in the constituencies held by both Condor and Harris.

The women felt aggrieved, deceived and disrespected by the parliamentarians that had now moved to the opposition benches.

The women expected that their actions demonstrate that they should be stripped of the title ‘Honourable’ as their recent behaviour and actions are far from honourable.

They were incensed by Harris’ recent utterances that in the last elections he ran on a HARRIS AGAIN ticket not a Labour Party ticket and that he cannot be trusted.

The women spoke of Condor as "a do-nothing representative" and that the gains in his constituency were based on the Labour Party’s general policies and programmes and not on any effort at representation by the now distrusted politician.

They pointed out that he has been demoted/relegated to deputy of a party of two candidates, from deputy political leader and Deputy Prime Minister.

"No doubt if new candidates join he’ll have to fight for his assigned position," a statement said.