Governor’s welcome address of the visit of the PM of the Netherlands Mr. Mark Rutte.


Dutch Trade Mission: A New Impulse for Sint Maarten-Dutch Relations

by H.E. Governor Eugene B. Holiday

Delivered at the Welcome Luncheon on the Occasion of the

Visit of Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands to Sint Maarten

Distinguished Guests, Good Afternoon and welcome to this Luncheon. I am, on behalf of the people and government of St. Maarten, pleased to extend a very warm welcome to my Guest of Honor, Prime Minister Mark Rutte on your first official visit to Sint Maarten in your capacity of Prime Minister of The Netherlands. Prime Minister Rutte welcome to our sweet Sint Maarten land. I also bid a special welcome to the members of Prime Minster Rutte’s delegation from the Dutch business community who have joined him on this trip.

In welcoming you I shall with a view of the importance of quality over quantity share a few of my thoughts about the potential impulse of this visit with you. Having reviewed the program of this visit I wish to emphasize that it is important that we welcome and make use of the business and government opportunities which it presents. I use the word opportunities because this visit, or rather this Sint Maarten-Dutch meeting, is taking place at an opportune moment. I say that because I believe that we must make use of the potential of this visit to give greater content to a constructive Sint Maarten – Dutch partnership. The cornerstones of which, like any partnership, should be and are (a) mutual understanding, (b) trust, (c) respect and (d) cooperation.

Looking out into the room I see enthusiastic individuals ready to join in friendly discussions regarding investments, education, trade, and politics, that is discussions about issues that affect the lives of the people of Sint Maarten and the Netherlands. It is my hope that these discussions will explore the available opportunities, build on mentioned cornerstones and serve as a defining impulse for furthering strategic and constructive Sint Maarten – Dutch relations.

Prime Minister Rutte it is against that backdrop of opportunities that I welcome and support your initiative towards a new impluse to the Dutch – Sint Maarten relationship through this trade mission. And it is my hope that your mission starting with this lunch will develop and blossom into better, stronger and mutually beneficial business and government ties. I say this because I am convinced that the spirit of constructive cooperation, which I see in the program of this mission, is the best way forward.

In closing, having taken note of the hectic program prepared for you, I once again welcome you – Prime Minister Rutte and your delegation – to our lovely Island and considering the importance of quality over quantity for this new impulse hope that you find some time to experience and enjoy the quality of Sint Maarten Hospitality. Thank you.Sint Maarten Hospitality