Renovation of Point Blanche Prison Kicks-off

PHOTO CUTLINE: Minister of Justice Hon. Dennis Richardson (5th from left) standing with representatives of the contractor, project supervisor, prison management, judicial officials and financer rep. DCOMM Photo

A number of dignitaries were on hand including Minister of Justice Hon. Dennis Richardson for the kick-off of the multi-million guilder renovation of the Point Blanche Prison.

Minister of Justice Richardson told the invited guests that a lot of time and effort has been spent in reaching the current phase for the execution of the renovations, and thanked all concerned who were involved and made it a reality.

The Minister also thanked the Dutch Government for making the funds available via USONA to the tune of Naf.7.5 million adding that the prison will now be able to comply with the stipulations of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture once the renovations have been completed.

Minister Richardson also pointed out that Country Sint Maarten has accomplished a lot since 10-10-10 with the establishment of several bodies which are required under international regulations in order to comply with obligations in the overall fight against crime.

Among the guests was Acting Secretary General (SG) at the Ministry of Justice Richard Panneflek, Prison Director Rohan and his staff, Solicitor General Taco Stein, representative of USONA Angela Dekker, representatives of the contractor Liccom, and the project supervisor Lievense.