Minister Lake meets with Road Link 6 Stakeholders;

Lake to meet with individual landowners in a follow-up meeting

The Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake after announcing his priorities for road links, the Minister last Thursday met with stakeholders regarding Link 6.


The stakeholders included all land owners, and the information evening took place at the Dutch Quarter Community Center. Darryl Stuart from the Department of New Works in the Ministry of VROMI gave the attendees a presentation about Link 6.

Minister Lake as a follow-up to the stakeholders meeting will start meeting with the individual family landowners in the week of July 15 to hear their views about the intentions of Government and to learn how much property would be needed from each owner in order to make this long overdue Link 6 a reality.

"With the goodwill of all, Link 6 will be a win-win for Government, landowners and the people of this country. It’s all about back to basics and giving the people the opportunity to be heard, but not only heard, follow-up is the key element in getting things done and moving the country forward," Minister of VROMI Hon. Maurice Lake said on Sunday.

In order to alleviate the traffic on Sint Maarten, besides Minister Lake’s diligent efforts on road repair, Lake is also paying attention to get the much needed road links executed. These links such as the, Ring Road, the so-called "Cake House" road and the much-needed Link 6 that will connect Union road to Belvedere, with a feeder road from South Reward, is high on his priority list.

"This is the first time in years that the primary stakeholders, the landowners, all of them have come together for us to make this project a reality.

"After the presentation was given by the official from Ministry of VROMI, the stakeholders were given an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other and to take a look at the maps showing the location for Link 6. I am very pleased with the interests shown and we are on the right track," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said.

"The Link 6 connection will not only ease the very hectic morning traffic in the South Reward, Ebenezer, L.B. Scott Road areas due to not having other access roads in that area, but will also enhance safety in case of life threatening situations," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake pointed out.

A lot of preliminary preparation and planning has gone into the different options for Link 6. Minister Lake has decided to take a more hands on approach in the realization of Link 6.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Minister of VROMI Hon. Maurice Lake (7th from left) seated with landowners and other stakeholders during the Link 6 presentation. DCOMM Photo