Cooperating Foundations contributes $10.000 towards the art workshop week of Art Saves Lives

The intense week with workshops for 93 young St. Maarten artists organized by the Art Saves Lives Foundation is considered a prime example of initiatives that the funding agency wants to support: namely enhancing youngsters to follow their dream. 

Nicole de Weever, board members and volunteers of Art Saves Lives have been successful in mobilizing quite a few businesses, private persons and organizations to donate towards their endeavour of bringing 16 renowned international artist to St Maarten for a week of training in pilates, dance, voice projection and entrepreneurship. The NGO has already embarked upon a new plan, namely to send a few talented youngsters to the US for more indepth training. Funding Agency Cooperating Foundations of the Dutch Caribbean commends Art Saves Lives for inspiring and training St Maarten Youngsters and wants to encourage other NGO’s with community projects or social projects for youngsters, senior citizens or vulnerable persons to approach the funding agency for financial assistance. Foundations can contact the project advisors Leon Lake and Saskia Kliphuis at 5860808 or sa********@gm***.com to discuss if their projects can be eligible for funding from Cooperating Foundations.

In the picture: Ari Sutton of Art Saves Lives and Angela Dekker, Gianne de Weever and Saskia Kliphuis of funding agency Cooperating Foundations