Announcement for BTA Category 1 Permit Holders

Please note that the BTA process is closed. There is absolutely no possibility to submit a first time request. Only existing permits are being handled.

The Immigration Office on the A.Th. Illidge road is now accepting requests for change from BTA Category 1 to regular residence permit. Those whose Category 1 permits will expire by 3 November 2013 can submit their documents ONLY on Saturdays starting this Saturday 20th July 2013 and ending on Saturday 10th August 2013 from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

This exception has been made to cater to the large group of Category 1 permit holders. To reiterate; each BTA category 1 permit holder requiring a change to regular residency must visit the office on the next four Saturdays only in order to be assisted.

Requirements for BTA Category 1 Change into Regular Residence Permit

1. Model II completely filled out and signed by applicant in addition to having a NAF 5,- stamp;

2. Valid Passport, also bring along a copy of this document (page with the photo must be colored (for applicant and for partner, parent(s) or guardian of applicant if applicable);

3. Original Police Record not older than 6 months (only for applicants older than 16 years); You can submit with the proof of application or application form completely filled out with NAF 5,- stamp.

4. Copy of valid residence permit;

5. Proof of income (Job letter or recent pay slips or income tax ); if applicant is a minor proof of income parent);

6. Valid residence permit for parent or guardian of applicant (if applicable)

7. School registration letter for the children; (if applicable)

Please note that a detailed registration form from the Census Office is not required as the Immigration Office will be able to verify registration directly. Permit holders therefore need not visit the Census Office.