Minister Voges meets with Lt. Colonel Blaas

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R,  Lt. Colonel Blaas and Minister Hon. Mathias Voges

Minister Plenipotentiary Hon. Mathias Voges received a courtesy visit from Lt. Colonel Stephan Blaas on Thursday. The visit was to update the Minister in connection with preparations for the realization of a permanent naval base in Sint Maarten.

Minister Voges said Lt. Colonel Blaas is no stranger to the country. "After Hurricane Luis struck the island in 1995, his platoon of marines was very much involved in clean-up and assisting with the repairing of schools. Under his leadership many schools were repaired and he was very instrumental during the Food Center fire and got the nick-name, ‘Captain fix-it,’ Minister Voges pointed out.

Minister Voges thanked Lt. Colonel once again for the special assistance he provided to the people and Government of Sint Maarten back in 1995, and presented him with a photo book of Sint Maarten and a country pin.