State Secretary for Social Affairs&Labor Ms.Jetta Klijnsma with work visit to Saba,Statia,Bonaire

Ms. Klijnsma arrives on Sunday, July 14th at 13.35 hrs. on Saba, where she will be received by Governor Jonathan Johnson. On her program on Saba are amongst others meetings with the Executive Council and with representatives of employers and employees. Ms. Klijnsma will speak also with a number of people entitled to Old Age Pension (AOV) and she will visit the Honorary Henry Every Home.


On Tuesday, July 16th, 2013, the Secretary of State will travel to Sint Eustatius where she will be received in the morning, at half past nine, by Governor Gerald Berkel at the FD Roosevelt Airport. Ms. Klijnsma will meet with the Executive Council and representatives of employers and employees on Sint Eustatius as well. She will also speak with employees of Labor and Social Affairs and of Youth and Family. Ms. Klijnsma will be visiting the Agricultural project Hazel Plantation and the Auxiliary Home on Wednesday, July 17th 2013. There is a visit to Nustar scheduled on the program for the afternoon hours.

The delegation travels to Bonaire on Thursday, July 18th , 2013, where it will be welcomed around eleven o’clock by Governor dr. Lydia Emerencia and Kingdom Representative Wilbert Stolte. Here after a consultation will follow with the Executive Council of Bonaire and a visit to several districts escorted by the director of Society and Care Ms. Rosa Hoes. Friday July 19th , Ms. Klijnsma will visit amongst others two nurseries and the project Begeleid Wonen Jong Bonaire. In the afternoon follows one more conversation with representatives of various institutions and to finish the work visit, a moment with the press.

Jetta Klijnsma was born in Hoogeveen, on March 18th, 1957 and she currently lives in The Hague. She was formerly amongst others member of the PvdA staff in the Second Chamber and local councilor for the PvdA in The Hague. In the same congregation she was councilor of welfare, health and emancipation and alderman of culture and finance from 2006 to late 2008. Then she was appointed State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment in the Balkenende IV Cabinet. She has been State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment in Rutte-Asscher Cabinet since November 5th, 2012.

Secretary of State Klijnsma was also active in many community organizations in the field of (social) care and welfare, as the Liliane Foundation, the Foundation Korrelatie and the Start Foundation. Klijnsma was president (quartermaster) of the commission’s New Trade Union (Nieuwe Vakbeweging) early 2012. During the last CN week in Netherlands, she announced that she finds a visit to the Dutch Caribbean of utmost importance and that she wants to be personally informed about the situation on the islands.