PM Orders Tents and Chairs Placed Outside of Census Office to Accommodate Long Lines Because of BTA

Opening Hours Extended to Wednesday Afternoons

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten has announced that she has taken steps to place shelter, shade and rest areas in the form of tents and chairs in front of the census office in order to accommodate the long lines currently being experienced by Citizens.


"You might have noticed for the those of the population who have ventured to the Census Office that we have taken additional measures to ease the stress of waiting in long lines at the Census. I have had tents put up at the Census office as a temporary solution to the long lines currently experienced there. It was the least we could do given the fact considering the long lines, partly due to the BTA applicants needing to collect their documents," commented the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has also previously ordered that the Census Office have extraordinary opening times in order to accommodate the large volume of clients it has been experiencing over the last few weeks. The Census office has been quite busy as of late due to the large number of requests in order to get registration papers, including some 3000 clients as part of the Brooks Towers Accord. The extra-ordinary opening times will be every Wednesday from two to four in afternoon. Usually on Wednesday the Census Office is closed in the afternoon. The Ministry of General Affairs will examine if opening hours will need to be further extended and are also exploring alternative ways to ensure that the necessary services are rendered.