ODM: Do not be complacent this hurricane season; TS Chantal was a warning to be prepared

The third storm of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season Tropical Storm (TS) Chantal passed well south of the country on Tuesday and posed no threat to Sint Maarten.

However, the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) is appealing to residents not to let their guard down, preparedness pays off, do not be complacent.

The Eastern Caribbean island chain will see an increase in the formation of tropical wave systems coming off the coast of Africa from now until after mid-October, and these waves have the potential to develop into a tropical storm.

Weather experts have reported that the formation of TS Chantal East of the Eastern Caribbean island chain in early July from a tropical wave that rolled off the coast of Africa has been described as an uncommon occurrence.

The formation of the third storm of the season based on historical records by the National Hurricane Center out of Miami usually occurs around mid-August.

ODM is calling on the Sint Maarten community to view the formation and passing of TS Chantal through the Caribbean as a reminder that they should not become complacent and to make sure everybody has everything in place and are storm ready.

Home owners and business operators must take the required actions to minimize the risk of injury and damage to property in case there is a hurricane strike, and the time to act is now if you haven’t already.

Being prepared is essential prior to a hurricane strike. Businesses and government must survive and recover from a disaster as quick as possible which would ensure that the economy can be up and running and our way of life returns to normal.

Remember, it only takes one to make this a bad hurricane season for the country.

The hurricane season runs through November 30.