Football Field and Running Track at Raoul Illidge Sports Complex Temporarily Closed Off as of Monday

As of Monday July 8th , the Raoul Illidge Sport Complex will be temporarily closed for the general public.

Contractor MNO Vervat St. Maarten will start with phase one of the renovation works on the Complex that includes the running track and the football field.

The first week of the construction period will be mainly used for the demolition of the existing field. The top layer of the athletic track will be removed, and the football field will be excavated.

The coming weeks will be used for the installation of a completely new drainage system around and in the area of the playing field.

In this same period the contractor will be busy with the rehabilitation of the field lighting system. The poles will be painted and the existing flood lights will be replaced with new ones.

The new light fixtures will have a greater capacity than the existing ones.

The installation of the synthetic grass is scheduled to start mid-August. The installation of the running track will start end of August.

Phase 1 of the renovation is scheduled to be completed by November 2013.

In a later stage, Phase 2 of the renovation will be carried out, and this comprises of the renovation of the buildings and the upgrade of the swimming pool on the complex.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Affairs is the Principal of the project.

The project is being supervised by the Ministry of VROMI, Department of New Projects Development & Planning.