Zoning town hall meetings to resume in August


PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R: Minister Hon. Maurice Lake (5th from left) seated in discussions with staff from Ministry VROMI and members of his Cabinet regarding the way forward on zoning town hall meetings. DCOMM Photo

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake hereby announces the continuation of the process of drafting development plans/"zoning plans" that initially started back in the first quarter of 2012 under former Minister Theo Heyliger.

The process of the preparation of zoning plans has the full support of the minister and he regards the public consultations as cardinal for the preparation of zoning plans that meet the needs and expectations of the community of Sint Maarten, and specifically those of the important stakeholders such as the neighborhood community councils, home owners associations and other entities that serve a role in voicing the concerns of residents within the neighborhoods.

Town hall meetings will continue in August that will include a joint 2nd town hall meeting for the Cole Bay and Billy Folly-Cay Bay areas.

A joint 2nd town hall meeting regarding the development plans for Dutch Quarter and Middle Region is also planned in August. Exact dates will be announced within short.

The input of the community is considered paramount in this process and in order for the right choices to be made, the community has to have a say by giving their views with respect to the spatial development of the country, Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday.

The aforementioned plans will guide the future spatial development of the country where it relates to government and private land.

The Ministry of VROMI is developing this legal framework for possible future development; to designate and/or reserve land for desired use; to prevent uncontrolled development; and to offer legal security to residents about future development.

The town hall meeting process is part of process of drafting of development plans/ "zoning plans" for country Sint Maarten.