Over the past 4 weeks a series of informative sessions held by APS, the general pension fund administrator, have been warmly received by participants. Two groups were targeted: representatives of employers affiliated to the pension fund and active members from the Public Education department.

The employer sessions had as objective the providing of general information on the role of employers in regulating pension issues for APS participants, specifically information on the procedures to be followed when registering participants with the fund.

Led by APS account managers Giorla Doran and Lucien van Zanten the sessions were well received by participants.

One participant on the employers’ session said the following with regards to the session: "I myself had found it very informative and it was a good and necessary initiative of APS. The topics and interaction between participants and APS was good. Handouts and information leaflets were a plus as well as the location and space. There was attention paid to the various questions of the participants, which I personally found very good. It was a professional information session."

"These types of sessions will certainly aid to facilitate a two-way flow of information and strengthen the bond between the respective employer organizations and APS", says APS director Kendra Arnell.

In sessions more recently held for employees of Public Education, APS employees provided insight into a variety of subject matters, such as 3 types of possible retire income when one retires, how pension benefits are calculated and that the amount of pension one is entitled to depends on the number of years the employee has worked. "Transfer of information on the pension plans and creating awareness remains the goal of the session for participants" says APS Director Kendra Arnell.

It is the intention that one-on-one meetings will be held with employers every quarter of the year to ensure that information and data needed by APS is forthcoming.