President Arrindell introduced to new U.S. Consul General Chief of Mission to Sint Maarten


Wishes Americans a Happy Fourth of July

President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell during her official visit to Curacao for Flag Day on Tuesday, was introduced to the new U.S. Consul General to Curacao and Chief of Mission to Aruba, BES Islands and Sint Maarten James R. Moore.

The introduction took place via Curacao’s President of Parliament Hon. Mike Franco.

"It was a great opportunity to meet the new U.S. Consul and to also congratulate him on his appointment and assumption of his duties in late June.

"I informed U.S. Consul Moore that the House of Parliament Conference Room is available for his mission to carry out its services to Americans residing on Sint Maarten as a courtesy as was the case with his predecessor," President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell said on Wednesday.

Moore is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service of the U.S. State Department with nearly 30-years of experience as a U.S. Diplomat.

Prior to his posting in Curacao, Moore was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia from 2010-2013, with responsibility for U.S. public diplomacy and public affairs initiatives in that region.

"I would like to congratulate all U.S. visitors and residents on behalf of the Parliament and people of Sint Maarten with this important day – July 4th – in their history. Sint Maarten has enjoyed a very close relationship with the United States of America especially in the economic area where tourism is concerned. Have a safe and happy fourth of July," President Arrindell said on Wednesday.

President Arrindell was accompanied by Member of Parliament Hon. Janchie Leonard to attend Curacao Flag Day celebrations on Tuesday, July 2nd .