TelEm Group announces new closing hours for customer service

TelEm Group today announced that with immediate effect, the Main Office on Pond Island will be closing its doors for customer service, half an hour earlier from Monday to Friday, at 4:30 pm. Regular closing hours for customer service has been 5:00 pm.

The earlier closing time will allow customer service staff to better deal with customers who very often call at the main office minutes before closing with limited time to attend to their problems.

Advertisements have been posting in the local media informing the public about the change. Customers are also being advised throughout this week.

Customer Service staff are confident the change in hours will assist them in providing more efficient service to customers and the public generally, and especially when dealing with problems after office hours.

The change officially went into effect Monday, July 1st and will remain in effect until further notice.

TelEm Group personnel will continue to work until 5:00 pm as normal. The change in closing hours only affects customer service personnel.

TelEm Group has apologized to customers and the general public for any inconvenience caused by the change in closing hours for customer service.