NAGICO’s 2ND Annual Sports Day

NAGICO Insurances employees and agents all came out together last week to take part in the 2ND annual NAGICO Sports Day. The event took place on Wednesday, June 26TH 2013 in the evening at Melford Hazel Sports Complex and on Saturday, June 29TH 2013 at Raoul Illidge Sports Complex. The purpose of this event was to allow employees and agents to socialize in a friendly and fun environment outside of work in a healthy and active way. Sports Day also helped on building certain skills such as leadership, communication and team work. Participants were separated into 4 different teams prior to the event. Teams were prepared in advance with custom designed shirts and banners to represent their team and show team spirit. Various activities took place on both days consisting of obstacle courses, basketball shootout, 3 legged race, 100m dash, tug of war and also volleyball, domino, and soccer tournaments. A trophy and prizes were awarded to the overall winning team.