Minister Lake visits John Larmonie Center to Inspect Facility and Address Concerns of Senior Citizen

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R: Minister Hon. Maurice Lake (2ND from left), Claudius Buncamper and Claret Connor at the John Larmonie Center on Friday morning. DCOMM photo

Friday morning Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake carried out a site inspection at the John Larmonie Center on the Pondfill.

It was brought to the Minister’s attention that the restrooms at the aforementioned facility have been out of order for some time. The recreational facility is used by seniors on a regular basis.



PHOTO CUTLINE Bathroom facility: L to R: Minister Hon. Maurice Lake, Claudius Buncamper and a member of Mr. Lake’s Cabinet

Other shortcomings brought forward were blocked drainage lines, backed-up sewage system, faulty air conditioning and the kitchen cabinets which are all rotten and nearly unusable.

"Our seniors and other users of this facility should not have to contend with such conditions especially when they are using the building for recreational purposes. I have instructed my Ministry to take immediate action," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Friday.

The Minister, members of his Cabinet, Head of the Department of Infrastructure Management Claudius Buncamper, Civil Works Project Leader David Lejuez of the Infrastructure Department, and Chairman of the Foundation Board Claret Connor, walked through the facility and an inventory was compiled of the things that need to be immediately repaired.

Urgent repairs will be started on Saturday and will continue through Monday so the facility could be in order and available for use next week.

Improving the facility will be a joint effort between Claret Connor in charge of the upkeep of the facility and Ministry VROMI.

It has been agreed that the materials required for the repairs will be purchased by the Center based on the inventory list while Ministry VROMI will provide the labour.

Minister Lake said that his motto is getting "back to basics." "Small things that have been left unattended and just with a little time, effort and manpower can make a world of difference, and that is what getting back to basics means. This will be applied to all areas within my ministerial responsibilities," Minister Lake concluded.

The repair work and activities at the John Larmonie Center consists of, but is not limited to the following: repairs to all restroom facilities; fixing and replacing of all cracked light fixtures and bulbs; replacement of dropping and/or damaged ceiling tiles; repairs of all windows; fixing of bricks in the outside area by the side door; and cleaning of the trenches around the premises.