A great success” for Lizzy Lizard at Le Grand Marche

In photo 1: Lt. Marvin Bute, a visiting New York Police Dept. officer is presented with the adventure storybook at the supermarket by author Robin Boasman.

The book signing spree for the kiddies at Le Grande Marche last Saturday, was "a great success," said author Robin Boasman. "Words cannot express my gratitude," said Boasman, to the adults and children who selected copies of her Lizzy Lizard storybook. The first-time children’s author also expressed "‘a big thank you’ to my Lizzy Lizard team for making the day a great success," and to the supermarket’s management and employees for their hospitality. Interestingly, at another location, Van Dorp bookstore ran out of Lizzy Lizard copies by Saturday afternoon and will be re-stocked this week, said Boasman.

In photo 2, a little fan holds on to her brand new copy of Lizzy Lizard while posing with the author at Le Grand Marche’s book signing. (Photo courtesy RB)