Prime Minister Wescot-Williams Opens Drug Abuse Symposium

Encourages Youth to be High on Sports Instead of Drugs

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams officially opened the Repairers of Broken Walls Symposium at the John Larmonie Center on Wednesday. The symposium will be centered on the combating of illegal drug abuse in the community of St. Maarten.

The Prime Minister started her remarks by commending the Repairers of Broken Walls International Community in organizing the important symposium:

"Allow me to commend the Repairers of the Broken Wall International Community for organizing this conference on drug abuse in the community of St. Maarten. I do so recognizing that all of us on the outside of the activities that have been taking place regarding combating drug abuse might have feel that there is not much happening on St. Maarten but there are many organizations centered on raising awareness of the Drug Problem on St. Maarten and we therefore need to offer our continued support in this regard.

The international theme for today is one of making Health Your New High in Life and Not Drugs. Considering this theme and this topic it is important that we combine health with other activities as we encourage our young people to engage in sports for example, making that the high in life and not drugs. Therefore I would like to encourage all to focus on the various activities and opportunities that are available and to encourage especially our young people to stay away from drugs through engaging in extra curricular activities.

"The Foundation has chosen the theme of drugs in your back yard for this symposium in confronting the dilemma. With only 37 square miles the island itself is our backyard so wherever drug abuse and drug trafficking happens it affects all of us that call St. Maarten home.

"The general Assembly of the United Nations has recognized that despite the efforts of the international community the world drug problem continues to constitute a serious threat of public health, the well-being of humanity. And the national security of states and that it undermines sustainable development and considering this I would like to say to especially our youth that they should focus their attention on being positive role models in the community and not let your spirits and bodies be damaged by drugs," concluded the PM.