Measures concerning temporary suspension of Dr. A. Arrindell

Due to the decision taken by the Inspectorate of Health on June 20th , 2013 to temporarily suspend Dr. A. Arrindell, general practitioner at the Arrindell’s Medical Center N.V., SZV would like to inform the clients of Dr. A. Arrindell about the following:

a) In consultation with the Windward Islands Medical Association(WIMA) and the Sint Maarten Medical Association (SMA) from Monday June 24, 2013 until Saturday July 6th , 2013 all clients of Dr. A. Arrindell will be able to visit the following general practitioners for medical consultations without any additional costs:


1. Dr. P. Simmons

2. Dr. R. Raghosing-Sanchit

3. Dr. A.R. Raghosing

4. Dr. F., Bouman

5. Dr. H.P Deketh

6. Dr. G.C. Foeken

7. Dr. J.W.F. Bus

8. Dr. U.P. Tjaden

9. Dr. J.E. Datema

10. Dr. G.J. Spencer

11. Dr. G. van Osch

12. Dr. A. Herles

13. Dr. L. Knol

14. Dr. Zamora-Perez

15. Dr. P.A. Arrindell

16. Dr. M.A. Mercuur

17. Dr. R.A.G. Douglas

18. Dr. M.M.Y. Dennaoui

b) The clients of Dr. A. Arrindell are allowed to, outside of the regular changing period, change to another house doctor as of Tuesday June 25th , 2013. For SZV clients who are insured by ZV/OV we will take in consideration the maximum quota per doctor. For FZOG, Government workers and Government Medical assistance there is no quota.

c) According to SZV regulations it is the responsibility of Dr. A. Arrindell to ensure a proper medical replacement during the period of temporary suspension or finding a permanent solution before Saturday July 6th , 2013.

d) The SZV will keep in close contact with the Inspectorate of Health regarding this situation and will take any additional measures if necessary. This will be communicated to SZV clients before Saturday July 6th , 2013.

e) For questions please call SZV on 1-721-546-6782 or send an e-mail to cu**********@us**.org.