TelEm Group internet service interrupted for three hours Saturday

TelEm Group’s internet service was interrupted for approximately three hours Saturday causing disruption to domestic and business users.

The alarm was raised soon after 4:00 pm Saturday during a routine maintenance exercise and the cutover to a new backup Universal Power Supply (UPS).

According to technical staff, key pieces of equipment, which together power the company’s internet system, lost configuration when the new UPS was installed and after the older piece of equipment was taken offline.

The problem was resolved at approximately 7:00 pm.

A problem remains with the full operation of the new UPS, which reportedly overheated Sunday morning, causing a minor interruption to the internet service which was quickly resolved.

TelEm Group will be liaising with the UPS suppliers overseas at the start of the business day Monday, to continue to troubleshoot the new equipment and to safeguard against any further interruptions of the TelEm Group internet network.

TelEm Group has meantime apologized to customers and especially businesses who could not utilize their internet service for business transactions by the close of the business day last Saturday.