Caption:SXM4613 SOBIESKY MANUEL PARRONDO, born in the Dominican Republic on November 4th 1987 and residing at Rue de Sandy Ground # 8. Suspected of murder.

On Sunday June 23rd at around 05.00 p.m. the Police Central Dispatch received a phone call from the prison section of the Philipsburg Police Station informing them that three prisoners had escaped. The prisoners in question at the time of their escape were locked in the open-air recreational area of the prison. While in that section these prisoners got the opportunity to escape via the roof. The prisoners in question are:

Caption:SXM4632 CARLOS MIQUEL OLIVIER-RUIZ, born in the Dominican Republic on February 1st 1984, wanted for drug trafficking.

The House of Detention and Police Department are asking the general public to help in the investigation to recapture these three armed and very dangerous persons. Any one who may have any information that can assist in recapturing of these suspects should call the police department at 54-22222 or 911.