More time needed for agreement terms of employment for officials of Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland

Today, during a sector negotiation of the Caribbean Netherlands, the parties established that there is insufficient support to ratify the negotiation result achieved on May 29th, regarding the terms of employment for the years 2013 and 2014 in a terms of employment agreement.


After achieving the result on May 29th, it appeared that there was much resistance and mistrust among the members, especially regarding the proposed salary harmonization. Against this background, questions and possibly also dissatisfaction about issues such as job evaluation and lack of clarity seem to play a part. These arose shortly after the transition on 10-10-10 and have no direct connection with the presented negotiation result. In a constructive deliberation, parties have examined how the harmonization of salaries may be amended therein. The unions have presented adapted proposals on various points within the previously achieved negotiation result. It was agreed that the employer will work out the suggestions made during the negotiation in more detail during the coming weeks and it will consider its consequences and feasibility. The new deliberation in late August will show whether this amended package can be submitted to the members. Then the parties will intensify their communication with their members and their employees respectively.

Parties agree to meet again in late August.