Parents & guardians of Cole Bay invited to 3rd YHC vaccinations outreach & family planning session

The 3rd Youth Health Care (YHC) Vaccination Outreach and Family Planning Session is set for Cole Bay and surrounding communities on June 20.

This is the third of three community outreach and "family planning" lecture sessions. It’s an opportunity for residents of Cole Bay and surrounding areas to come out on Thursday, June 20 at the John Hodge Hall Community Center (Methodist Church), Cole Bay from 5.00pm to 7.30pm, to have their children’s vaccination status checked, and also receive information about family planning.


YHC is a section of the Collective Prevention Services (CPS), a Department at the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour.

The theme for the vaccination campaign this year is "A Shared Responsibility."

Minister of Public Health Hon. Cornelius de Weever ‘Get Checked’ campaign is in line with the efforts of CPS and therefore Minister De Weever is appealing to guardians and parents to get their children’s vaccination status checked on June 20.

The objectives of the campaign are to stimulate parents to have their child(ren) vaccinated; to bring about awareness as it relates to vaccinations and to encourage parents and the community at large to take responsibility by ensuring updated vaccination records for the children in their care.

In addition the campaign aims to provide the public with general vaccination information; to encourage others such as, health care workers, pregnant women and pre-and exam class students to update their vaccination status.

To encourage risk groups such as waste/garbage handlers, the Police, hotel and restaurant workers, and others to verify and update their vaccination status, particularly on Hepatitis B and Tetanus.

Immunization protects children from diphtheria, measles, pertussis (better known as whooping cough), pneumonia, polio, rotavirus diarrhea, rubella, tetanus and others.