Cul de Sac Padres is St. Martin Pony League youth baseball champion once again

In continuation of the 2012-2013 playoff series of the St. Martin Pony League Youth Baseball competition the Cul de Sac Padres youth baseball team finally stopped St. James Yankees to take the Pony League championship once again.  

After losing game six 2-1 against St. James the Padres in after realizing that the series was brought down to the wires went to bat scoring two big runs in the first inning of game seven. Obviously St. James tried to tie the game but was unable until Aneudy Martinez connected a triple RBI to score the first run for the Yankees. In the second inning only Padres scored to bring the game to 3-2. In the third inning Cul de Sac opened up on the boys from French St. Martin with four big big runs product of hits connected by Rene Rodriguez, Mota Sosa and Victor Guillen. St. James was now trailing far behind. In the bottom of the third it was Aneudy Martinez once again who connected hit for St. James, stole bases and scored on a pass ball of the catcher. By the end of the inning Cul de Sac was ahead 7- 3. The Padres begun to smell victory. In inning four they played with much more confidence and in order to consolidate the championship scored 3 additional big runs off the bat of Victor Guillen who connected double to open the wide open at 11 – 3. In inning five no runs were scored. In their last at bat in inning six St. James couldn’t touch the balls at the plate and it was the Cul de Sac Padres that – once again – clinched the St. Martin Pony League Youth Baseball Championship. Due to darkness the usual ceremonies after the game had to be schedule for next week Sunday.

Lucky for Belvedere to see such a good game and to see the Pony League back again in Belvedere in-spite of the fact of the destruction of their fencing wire, backstop and dugouts. All the uniforms for this championship were sponsored by Island Gem Foundation.