Prime Minister to Learning Unlimited Graduating Class of 2013

"Do not be apologetic for raising the bar; for putting aside short term enjoyment for your long term goals"

Urges Graduates to be leaders in whatever they choose to do

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams addressed the Learning Unlimited Graduating class at a filled to capacity Belair Community Center on Wednesday evening. The Prime Minister stated that although she realized that speeches were often times boring, but wanted to nonetheless offer some words to the Graduating Class.


"Let us be honest here this evening; I know that my remarks here tonight will not be one which you will hang onto every word; your focus is on your plans for later and the very important steps that lie before you. And indeed you are entitled to that; you are entitled to celebrate your high school completion and to share the friendships you have built; you are entitled to show some love for your teachers and parents and all of those who have helped you along the way. But knowing all of that why then would I have you sit through a speech here tonight? It is because I feel that I had to tell you here this evening that you, as Graduating students, should control the bar that you set for yourselves and indeed that is the title of my speech; to control the bar.

"You must control the bar according to the goals you have set for yourselves; according to the standards, or the bar, that you aspire to. Control the achievements you hope to attain. And you should raise that bar in always reaching higher. Do not be apologetic for raising that bar; for putting aside short term enjoyment for your long term goals. I see many leaders here amongst you tonight; leaders in the area of athletics, science, academics and yes, also politics. Be that leader, set your bar using the tools that you have been provided and which allowed you to develop academically, socially and culturally. Now it is up to you to use those tools that you have been given and build on your tomorrow. Congratulations to the Graduating Class, Teachers, Staff and Students. You made it and you deserved it. Go out and make your mark," concluded the PM.