Minister Jacobs Flag Day Message

Minister of Culture Hon. Silveria Jacobs wishes to extend congratulations to the people of St. Maarten in the commemoration of Flag Day 2013.

The St. Maarten flag stands as one of our National symbols, depicting the courage of our people, our unity and appreciation of our environment.

When we see our flag, it is with pride and joy at being a citizen and resident of this island where many flock to live, work and play.


We are blessed by the bounty and beauty of nature and I urge each and every one of us to hold that pride dear, but to let our actions show in preserving it for generations to come.

Each and every one of us must contribute to preserving our St. Maarten by pledging to keep it clean, by taking care of our nature – trees, beaches, ponds, hills, flora and fauna.

We can also contribute in a great way by looking out for our even more treasured resource, our children and youth.

Taking pride in our country means we are part of the solution to our myriad challenges.

I challenge each and every citizen to step out and be heard, volunteer and/or donate. We can be the difference.

May God bless St. Maarten and its people – Happy Flag Day!!!