EMS Week kicks off on Sunday with Church Service

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS), will be kicking off EMS Week on Sunday June 16th with a Church Service at the New Testament Baptist Church at 11.00am across from Government Administration Building.

Ambulance Department Head Cylred Richardson told the Department of Communication (DCOMM) that EMS Week which is being carried out under the theme, "EMS One Mission One Team," is a special time to recognize the lifesaving work of the island’s emergency medical service professionals working in the pre-hospital care setting, hospital and volunteer EMS organizations."


Attention also needs to be given to first responders working in the field of law enforcement and fire prevention.

Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor Hon. Cornelius de Weever extends words of congratulation and recognizes the hard work of both career and volunteer EMS agencies on the celebration of EMS week 2013 which is being organized by his ministry.

The Minister encourages the public to use the week as an opportunity to recognize the critical role of EMS responders and agencies.

EMS is uniquely positioned to bring potential parties together to plan for and minimize the impact that disasters have on health.

Disaster response and recovery requires a whole community working together. It’s one mission, one team. EMS is a critical part of that team, there when every minute counts.

During the week emphasis will be placed on creating the awareness within the community in general and specifically lifesaving techniques amongst the youth & law enforcement personnel.

A number of radio interviews are planned to bring the awareness of EMS and about the critical role EMS plays within our community.

From June 17-19, there will be lectures in a number of schools on lifesaving techniques, drinking and driving, distracted driving when texting and talking on the phone.

On June 20, there will be lectures and demonstration on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for law enforcement officers including Community Police and specifically those working in the uniformed division as first responders on the scene.

On June 21, the annual Motorcade Parade will be the highlight for the closure of EMS week 2013. Also planned for that evening is the recognition and appreciation that will be shown to two ambulance personnel followed by a Karaoke Night at the Ambulance Headquarters in Cay Hill.