Customer Satisfaction Survey medical referrals abroad will start soon

By order of the Health Insurance Office (ZVK) a customer satisfaction survey will soon be conducted among all insured of the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba who are sent to Colombia or Guadeloupe to receive medical treatment.

The survey will start soon and it will be carried out by an independent agency called tri-plus. The research is carried out for a year and it focuses on the experiences of the insured before and during a medical treatment abroad. A week after returning, the insured will be called by the local interviewers to make an appointment. The survey may be conducted by telephone or in person, at home or at the office of the interviewers. The information provided is completely anonymous and will be processed by tri-plus, so that the objectivity is guaranteed. In 2011, tri-plus carried out a risk assessment and evaluation for Fundashon Mariadal.

The ZVK will use the results, among other things, to further improve the service.

Every two months, the agency will deliver the results of the research to the ZVK. Upon receipt, the ZVK will study these results, see what the improvement points are and how they can be tackled.

The ZVK requires the cooperation of all insured who will be referred abroad for medical treatment to participate in the survey. All insured who will be referred abroad for medical treatment will receive a brochure about the medical referral, including among other things: general information about Colombia, the tasks of Coomeva, the responsibilities of the companion, etc. They will also receive a letter in which the survey is announced. That letter also includes a small log in which the insured can enter data. This is useful to answer the survey questions as well possible after returning.