Local Little League prepares to host Baseball Championship

Jose Berrios and Gilbert Monell from Little League Regional Headquarters visited St. Maarten over the weekend.  

The pair inspected work at the St. Maarten Little league Stadium on Pond Island and to review the local leagues preparations to host the XXXIX Latin American and Caribbean Little League Senior Division Baseball Championship July 5 to 14.

The pair met with local league officials including League President Ronald Jacobs, St. Maarten Minister of Sports Minister Silveria Jacobs and spent time with representatives of the scorers, Maureen Vlaun and umpires Lorencio Gibs.

One topic of discussion was new innovations to assist especially the scorers with more efficient ways for reporting of statistics, explained St. Maarten District Administrator Elmora Aventurin Pantophlet.

Copies of the new forms were presented to league to allow time for scorers to get use to the innovations.

Berrios and Monell also toured the John Cooper/Jose Lake Senior Ballpark and the locations where the teams will be staying.

Already the stadium has been pressure washed in preparation for painting the grandstand and the fence has been taken down and replaced. The field has been levelled and a special layer of textured dirt has been laid down and smoothed. The overhead lights will be repaired and all is expected to be completed in time for the first pitch.

The tournament will feature athletes age 14 to 16 representing Aruba, Bonaire, Columbia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Venezuela and host St. Maarten.

Immediately after the tournament major refurbishing work is to be done at the stadium.