St. Maarten’s Oualichi National Women’s Soccer Team to Represent St. Maarten/ St. Martin in Anguilla


Plays Under Fifteen Boys Selection In Friendly in Preparation For Anguilla Match


The Oualichi Women’s Soccer Team, St. Maarten’s National Women’s Soccer Team, is gearing up for their first international match representing both sides of the island in a friendly against neighboring Anguilla. The sixteen ladies will be traveling to Anguilla on Saturday morning, with the first match to be played at two in the afternoon.


In a practice friendly the girls played a game against the U-15 boys at the Raoul Illidge Sport’s Complex on Wednesday. "This is the first time we played completely as a team against another team," said team manager Danae Daal. "Before this we played against each other but now it felt great to play against another team with all of us playing together.

Although the match was an exciting one, with a goal scored by forward Dagmar Daal, the ladies admit that they have a tough game ahead. "We know we may have a tough team ahead, but we look forward to representing St. Maarten and promoting female soccer on all of the islands.

The launching of the team in November of last year was a first for St. Maarten, with previously women having to join school teams or train on their own or with Associations not specifically geared towards Women’s Soccer. The name of the team is also unique as Oualichi, one of the original Arawak names for the St. Maarten, means Land of Strong Women. The team also has an official Facebook Page and newsletter in order to keep the community abreast of the country’s women’s soccer team. For more information please join the Oualichi Soccer Team’s Facebook Page and download the newsletter. Persons interested in having their girls join the free soccer clinic are urged to contact ou************@gm***.com.