Volleyball players in pajamas for July 5; registration by June 28

The United Volleyball Foundation (UVF) will hold its first pajamathon at the Melford Hazel Complex in Sucker Garden, on Friday, July 5, said UVF secretary Keishan Huggins.

The fundraising volleyball tournament will aid the UVF youth members travel to Orlando, Florida, to attend a Summer training camp this year, said Rhoda Arrindell, UVF founder and program coordinator.

"A unique part of the pajamathon is that the participants are required to wear pajamas to play in the tournament," said Huggins.

Initially scheduled for June 7, teams representing businesses, organizations, schools, and groups of individuals can now register for the July 5 volleyball competition by June 28, said Huggins.

Interested persons and organizations can register by contacting Keishan Huggins at 550-3435 or Rhoda Arrindell at 520-1136 or rr********@ho*****.com.