The Forum on Electoral Reform for St. Maarten

The Forum on Electoral Reform for St. Maarten that was organized and was held on Friday, June 7, 2013 at the Cultural Center in Philipsburg commenced at 7.00 pm. This Forum was held in collaboration with the New Era Foundation and the Concordia Political Alliance (CPA).


This session was organized in order for the public to have a clearer understanding on what our electoral reform entails as embedded in our constitution and what we believe can be amended to avoid future misinterpretation of the constitution as it pertains to our parliamentary democracy and the current political crisis between the present Government of St. Maarten.

The panelist for this event were: Mr. Jose Lake Jr., Mr. Edwin Gumbs, Attorney Roland Duncan and attorney Ralph Richardson which we have selected because of their experience and background in the electoral system of St. Maarten.