Prime Minister Wescot-Williams Submits Final Report

Formation of New Government to His Excellency the Governor

Meets Date Set by Governor

The Prime Minister the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams submitted her final formation report to the Governor of St. Maarten His Excellency Eugene Holiday late on Friday afternoon. Earlier Friday the Prime Minister explained that she had received from the Governor the formation request that His Excellency had indicated that by the seventh of June he would have liked to have the Prime Minister’s response.

"The task of the Formateur is based on a National Decree that has been publicized and as Formateur I need to receive reports by the Prosecutor General and one from the National Security Service of St. Maarten on the incoming Ministers and their Administrations. In addition to that the respective candidates need to sign off to be prepared to live up to the requirements of being a Minister, such as not having another job, not being involved in a business and if they are they would have to allow the Formateur to decide how they will distance themselves from those activities.

"The Candidate Ministers also need to fill out a questionnaire and, with the above mentioned reports this is what will form part of my report to the Governor," commented the Prime Minister.

The Caretaker Ministers Marlin, Tuitt, Jacobs and Pantophlet submitted their letters of resignation to the Governor His Excellency Eugene Holiday on the 21st of May.