The Democratic Party, United People’s (UP) Party, and Independent Member of Parliament Hon. Romain Laville condemn the actions of the four caretaker Ministers who are now in a lame duck status until a new Council of Ministers have been appointed.

The DP/UP/Laville new parliamentary majority took note of what the caretaker Minister William Marlin said with respect to calling an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers with William Marlin as the Chairman in which a decision would be taken to dissolve parliament.

These actions are clearly meant to confuse the public and force elections.

The National Alliance for the past weeks has been on a smoke and mirrors campaign to fool the people into thinking that what they said is really true.

These new actions by William Marlin and his three Ministers are now placing the integrity of the country on the line.

This is sending a bad message to the Caribbean region, and to the international community as well as to investors and visitors that the rule of law cannot be taken seriously and brings the investment credibility of the entire country into a serious consequence.

While caretaker Minister William Marlin may consider this whole matter as an entire political joke, the majority of the people of this country do not, and William Marlin should stop playing his political games.

The facts are that a new parliamentary majority came together and withdrew its support from the National Alliance led Government. A motion of no confidence was passed against five of those Ministers in the Council. The Prime Minister submitted the Council of Ministers resignation to the Governor after the remaining four Ministers tendered their resignations.

The National Alliance Leader William Marlin is now making a mockery of our constitutional parliamentary democracy by making such statements and attempting such ploys. William Marlin is continuing to polarize the country with his political games and therefore he and his National Alliance are hurting the image of the country as well as in the long run the people of this country.

New Parliamentary Majority

Democratic Party, United People’s Party and Independent MP Romain Laville