MP Arrindell assists HAVO 4 MPC students with project on Government


Photo: L to R MP Hon. Gracita Arrindell, Deffiny WeeWee, Nikkita Cornelia, Tanisha Meyers

Three students from HAVO 4 at the Milton Peters College (MPC) recently visited my office to discuss a project as part of one of their exam assignments.

The topic was, understanding our governmental structures including Parliament, their roles, tasks, responsibilities as they relate to one another.

The students were very excited and eager to receive and understand practical background information about these new institutions of Government and governance, as well about our electoral system, and the function of these institutions and systems under our new status, especially as they relate to our Constitution.

I encouraged them to study the Constitution as well, as they prepared for their school assignment. The Constitution is the blueprint of our country and must be held sacred

I shared their enthusiasm as my office is always open to any student, who is eager to learn, understand and make their own informed opinion about our democratically established institutions under our new ‘Country’ status.

It is very important that our youth fully understand and comprehend our Constitution and other pertinent laws of the land that allow us to operate as a civilized society.

Drs. Gracita Arrindell

United People’s (UP) Party

Member of Parliament