Minister Jacobs wowed at local artist Mischu Laikah in concert

PHOTO CUTLINE: Local artist in concert Mischu Laikah in concert.

Minister of Education and Culture Hon. Silveria Jacobs on Saturday night was in attendance at the Maho Theater to witness a concert featuring local and regional artists in the Mischu Laikah tour Back to my Roots.

The concert was a cultural blend of genres from soca, calypso, reggae, rock, rhythm and blues and soulful notes of the headliner Mischu herself. Minister Jacobs said: It was awesome to witness the talent displayed by all the artist performing at this concert.


What made this concert special is the humble, passionate and positive spirit of Mischu and the fact that she collaborated with the many guests to remix her songs as well as theirs in a vibe that touched the audience.

Minister Jacobs wishes to congratulate all of the guest artists, Showtime from St. Eustatius, British Dependency from Anguilla, local artist Ambassodor Junior Lion, King Verse/Versatwizy, and Clau Peterson for their individual and collaborative efforts in making this concert a success.

Minister Jacobs would also like to commend the artist Mischu Laikah for the initiative, passion and drive she has displayed in order to reach this dream of coming back to her roots, St. Maarten, for this tour.

"This young lady not only wanted to share her music with her St. Maarten people, she strived to share her vision and her experiences in the music industry with our young artists. She hosted a free workshop which included various local artists to bring the real challenges forward to our aspiring artists in an effort to better prepare them to follow their own dreams. Mischu also collaborated with sponsors to be able to offer the youth a free concert which was held on Sunday, where she allowed them to join her on stage as well.

"This young lady is destined for stardom, not just because of her hauntingly beautiful voice and lyrics which speak to the hearts and soul of all who hear them, but because of her amazingly beautiful spirit and her need to give back, share and help others achieve their goals. Congratulations Mischu Laikah Richardson, a woman of the soil to be reckoned with – a role model for our times," Minister Silveria Jacobs said on Monday.