St. James Yankees stopped Cul de Sac Padres 8 – 7 in game


five of the St. Martin Pony League final playoff series.

In continuation of the 2012-2013 playoff series of the St. Martin Pony League Youth Baseball competition the St. James Yankees stopped the Cul de Sac Padres in game five with the score of 8 – 7 for their second victory of the best of seven playoff games. Since the beginning of the game it was obvious that the St. James players were well aware that it could all end today.

As a matter of fact the game started with Padres scoring two big runs in the first inning. St.James went to bat but was scoreless. In the second inning it was Victor Guillen who connected homerun with two runners on base. The game was now 5 -0 in favor of the Padres. St. james went up to bat with their back to the wall and knowing that the Padres can be difficult to beat once they are leading. Marlick Casimir started for St.James by connecting hit and went around to score the first run for St.James. Pitcher Guillen thae walked four batter who later went around to score for a 5 – 5 tie ball game. The game continued scoreless for both teams until inning number six when Cul de Sac scored two big runs to go ahead 7 – 5

The Padres were celebrating but not for long because when St.James came up to bat they were too much for the pitcher . They scored two runs via walks while the winning run of game five was via pass ball of the catcher. The playoff series is now 3 – 2 in favor of the Padres. Because of availability of playing field the next two games will be played as double header.

Island Gem Foundation sponsored all uniforms for the 2012 – 2013 St. Martin Pony League compitition.