TelEm Group 3G network now free of interference from Anguilla

TelEm Group last night successfully carried out emergency maintenance work on its 3G mobile voice and data network to eliminate all interference from neighbouring Anguilla

TelEm Group technicians and engineers today reported that the company’s 3G mobile voice and data network is now free of interference from neighbouring Anguilla. The network is now fully operational under a different frequency.

"With immediate effect, customers in the affected areas of Cupe Coy, Cole Bay and Simpson Bay will notice a vast improvement in their 3G voice and data service with less dropped calls and less interruptions while accessing data on the internet," said TelEm Group Public Relations Officer, Joe Dominique.

Mr. Dominique said engineers and technicians carried out some emergency maintenance work on the 3G network Tuesday night which resulted in the complete elimination of the interference on the network.

"We were able to work with the Bureau of Telecommunications and Post, St. Maarten, and also with technicians in Anguilla to identify and eliminate the problem altogether with some fine-tuning on a new temporary frequency Tuesday night," continued Mr. Dominique.

He said previous instructions from the technical staff for customers to take their mobile devices and smartphones "OFF" AUTO, has now been reversed.

"We are now advising 3G customers to reset their devices and handsets to AUTO to best utilize their voice and data service," said Mr. Dominique.

He said the company sincerely apologizes for the interruption in service caused by the interference to the 3G network and assured that this was out of the company’s control.

"As a result of this incident we will be bringing in some frequency experts from overseas within short to analyse the network. We want to determine how we can best protect against something similar happening in the future.

"It is also the intention of the technical and engineering staff to further optimize the 3G voice and data network in the coming days and weeks to improve the capacity and efficiency of the network to the benefit of our mobile voice and data users." added Mr. Dominique.